To New Moons of 2014

Today I did what I do every morning to rouse myself from the cobwebs of sleep — grab my phone and flip through my Facebook newsfeed, hoping to discover a friend’s delight, an… Continue reading


I seek the inner strength and harmony a single adult of 45 requires to make it through the gangly legs of life. But it is not always easy.  There are times, moments, when… Continue reading

Matter of the Heart

Three months. Were they three long months? Or three short months? No matter how one describes it, it has been the equivalent of three months since I last posted. And in a way,… Continue reading

Off to Mountainous Puerto Rico

So I bid adieu for a week … off the grid, offline, off real time … to an enchanted place that has beckoned me once before. Seeking solitude, serenity and a rejuvenation of… Continue reading

Crazy Friend, iii :: Dry as the Gobi

Those first few weeks as an exchange student in Germany were a slurry of emotions rattling my brain, my tongue and my heart. It was a jarring experience that was at once unnerving… Continue reading

My How Reality Bites

I admit, I’m not a superhero, car-chasing, shoot-em up kind of movie-goer. And when strong-armed to watch one, I have, ahem, on more than one occassion been known to fall asleep and, yes… Continue reading

Life on Mother Earth

Yesterday was the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day. It’s one of those days in history that I wish I could remember. I was just shy of turning two — not even in preschool… Continue reading

A Beautiful Day to Breathe in Oxygen

I got in a 5k today under this beautiful periwinkle sky in support of my mom and dad participating in the American Cancer Society 5k Run/Walk today in Onalaska, WI. No earbuds. Just… Continue reading

Cigarette Break Finds Marathon Bombing Suspect

The majority of my posts are, admittedly, on my struggles with addiction to nicotine and why I should really give up the habit once and for all. I’m not out to judge anyone… Continue reading

Laughing all the Way to the Chicken Coop

As I hinted at in my Monday post regarding the appalling news coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing, it really does appear that American cable news has left the building (Sorry, Elvis, I’m… Continue reading