In Honor of Athletes’ & Humanity’s Endurance

Just as most of the media has decided (un-collectively) to stop repeating the names of mass shooters in this country as a means to prevent copycat acts and the glorification of mad men, might I suggest the same for today’s tragedy?

Let us instead celebrate the lives of the victims and survivors by refusing to show unending images of athletes falling to their knees — not of exertion and exhilaration but from a bomb blast — as they reach the finish line.

Why give the insane bombers a never-ending loop of their devious deed?

It would be much more uplifting to celebrate what Patriot Day means to Bostonians, Americans and the global runners of the Boston Marathon by showing images of eager athletes at the starting line, the camaraderie at the finishing line (pre-bomb) and the thousands of people cheering the endurance of the human spirit and body along the 26.2 route.

I apologize in advance, if I sound incoherent, but I’ve really had enough.

Journalism at the expense of another human’s dignity is not journalism.

It’s what’s called selling advertising.

And it’s disgusting.

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