An Ode to Runners

An Ode to Runners

I ran today.

I ran to the pfpfpfpfpfssss of my breath.

I ran to the tuwututuwutuwuuu of mourning doves.

I ran to the shshlshshlshshlllll of palm fronds.

I ran to the zhzrzhzrzrrrr of dull circular saws.

I ran today.

I ran to the elegant flight of a snowy white egret.

I ran to the scuttle of a metallic green lizard.

I ran to the swishing of a brown squirrel’s tail.

I ran to the stalking of a faded tabby.

I ran today.

I ran to the majestic  jacaranda whose purple petals fell over me like confetti.

I ran to my favorite neighborhood dogs whose barks greeted me like Tibetan bells.

I ran to the Gulf of Mexico whose gentle laps washed over me like Rothko blue.

I ran to the edge of the sky whose fingered clouds tousled my hair.

I ran for those of yesterday and today and tomorrow.

I ran today.

~ L.A.R.

© 2013 Lisa Rainwater